Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor

Okay, so last night there were three dates, and all with roses including the famous two-on-one (is it just me, or is it weird they call it that?) But before the dates begin, Jason decided to copy Deanna's singing contest from the Bachelorette - "since it was soooo much fun!" Poor Sideburns, she was freakin'. And Shannon pulled her crazy out again by getting all Flavor Flav, like Jason did for Deanna. And Stephanie, WOW (in a weird, slightly uncomfortable way). This is also when my co-watcher James turned to me and said "I'm just gonna pretend Megan is 35 and smart".

The first date was the one-on-one with Molly and I have to admit, once I saw the french fries and smores, they were all I could think about. But I'm pretty sure I saw that her shorts were five sizes too big and she got a rose. Molly also revealed to the girls in the morning after her walk-of-shame that she spent the WHOLE night with Jason. James thought Shannon was going to stab her with a butter knife.

In the lead-in for the group dates, Jason declares that it is "all about surprises–I love surprises." Um, surprise! They get to do embarrassing scenes on the set of General Hospital? I think the producers are running out of date ideas, and General Hospital's ratings must be down. I mean, they pitched a tent on the front lawn for Molly's date. But thanks to Lauren who kept screwing up her entrance (and lines), Naomi got to kiss Jason 11 times. And then in the the last scene, Megan seemed to eat Jason's face. At the "wrap party" (that is too funny), Naomi, Melissa, and Megan all cry, Lauren demands the rose, and Shannon, well, I hope producers get Jason a bodyguard – lest he and Ty find their bunny cooking on the stovetop at home when they return.

On the two-on-one date, I don't think either of these girls have a chance, so during this weird dance-off, I eat my cookie and check in on FaceBook. I have to admit though, I will miss those sideburns. And in the end at the rose ceremony, Jason can't even give out the final rose. I guess the show didn't have room in their budget to pay Jason to keep Shannon on another week–you know? Not in this economy.

But, enough from me! Let's discuss with Nitty and the rest of you in the comments section (and don't be shy! I know you guys are out there, I have Google Analytics!!!). Did you agree with Jason that Nikki sang beautifully? Did you notice Jason only said amazing twice last night? How long will he string poor Stephanie along? Who do you think is getting cut next? Who do you think is in the lead?