Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Bachelor

Okay, it's getting better. I think the problem with Jason being the bachelor, I had much higher expectaions of the girls (forgetting this is reality TV). It's still WAY to early to tell, but I'm warming up to some of the girls, even though for some reason I need to look away everytime there's a kiss. I've never had to do that - Anyone else having a hard time watching Jason kiss? Right now, I'm down with Kari, Naomi, Jillian (although she is on thin ice with the hot dog topping nonsense), and Nikki (except for those crazy sideburns. I've never seen anything like it). Also, I've been watching this season with my single male best friend (any bachelorettes out there? He is a total catch!) and watching with him brings the show to a whole new level. I can't repeat most of his comments because while hilarious, harsh and true, they're harsher than I care to mention on this here puppy blog. However, he is convinced the producers slipped Jason an extra $5,000 to keep Shannon on, and I agree!