Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rush and Hand Lettering

Those who know me (or those who have read my bio/interviews) know that my favorite band is Rush. Yes, I'm a girl Rush fan. And yes, I like the sound of Geddy's voice. But more importantly, I belive that my exposure to Rush is one of the reasons I take pictures. I was fifteen when my friend Mark Saffian (thank you Mark) played Rush for me. That day was the first time in my life I became aware of what it felt like to be emotionally affected by an art form. A feeling I recognized when I first picked up a camera shortly thereafter and a feeling that has made me hold on to my camera ever since. I often wonder what would've happened had I not recognized that feeling...

Anyway, the new Rush documentary (which I highly recommend to Rush fans and any non-Rush fan music lover), Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, included some of the hand lettered lyric sheets Neil Peart wrote. I'm very much on the hand lettering band wagon these days, so it was pretty rad to be reminded there is yet another thing to admire about Neil. More lettered lyrics sheets can be seen here:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lucy's Room

A few months back, I posted about my best friend Elizabeth and the baby shower invitations I made for her. Time is flying and I can't belive Lucy will be here in only ten weeks - I can't wait to meet her! When I started photographing my animal series and before she was pregnant, Elizabeth frequently told me when she was ready to decorate a nursery, I'd better provide a supply. Twenty-five years of putting up with me, of course, Elizabeth knew she could have whatever she wanted. Together we decided on Sheep. Lamb, Pig, and Piglet and spent this past weekend setting up Lucy's sweet room.

Oh, and that little plush bunny is ridiculously cute and soft.

* The frames are strapped to the wall and are plexi (not glass).