Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Bachelor

It's just too good so far!

On last night's episode, Matt had two group dates:

The first group date had Marshana initially so excited when she thought they would be seeing a fashion show–WRONG, the girls would have to BE the models in the fashion show. It was okay though because Marshana  used to be in pageants, so she would "stand tall, walk proud, stomp it out, and send the other girls home." High fives to Marshana for the positive attitude. I kinda couldn't take the whole fashion show seriously because it was held at Smashbox, where I have shot before and probably had a puppy or two pee-pee on that very floor. Anyway, even though Matt initially stated that he would give out the date rose to "who goes for it" on the runway, it turned out he needed to get some alcohol in them to assist in figuring it out. Which lead to another vocal performance by Michelle P., which I did not (against my better judgment) fast forward. Instead,  I watched in horror. In the end Ashlee (who desperately needs a piece of humble pie) gets the first kiss and the date rose, even though Holly was convinced she would "moonwalk away with his heart." 

The second group date was a trip to my favorite place, Las Vegas. Robin (one of the angled-bob-hairdos) refused to gamble – So of course, I am over her. Shayne puts it all on red and loses, sending her into a tailspin of drama as she tells Matt that with all the other girls "eying (not vying) for his attention", she won't "just wait in the wings". Um, has she ever seen the show? Is she not aware it's a contest where more than a dozen girls compete to win the heart of ONE guy? This is a perfect example of what happens when you drink too much and lose all your cash in Vegas (she should have stuck to my drink of choice at the tables–Hot Chocolate).  Throughout the night Shayne continued to freak out. And finally, sporting brown shoes with a black Jacket, Matt presents stubborn-as-a-rock-Chelsea with the date rose for being the "clear winner." 

Later on Robin gets the second (and apparently the longest and most meaningful) kiss–Let the kissing begin!

I was okay to see Carri and Michelle P. go so I don't have to endure any more vocal performances–the operatic rendition of Summertime was more than I could bear. But my husband was NOT happy to see Erin H. go. And frankly, neither was I . 

Apparently what happens in Vegas, does in fact stay in Vegas, because Shayne got herself a rose.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Bachelor

It's no secret I am a reality TV junkie. And while I appreciate that there are reality shows like Project Runway and Top Chef centered around showcasing and advancing creative careers, there is just nothing better to take the edge of a day of triple bidding than watching a house full of drunken girls compete for some guy they just met. 

I don't know how last season's Brad Womack-bombshell-ending can ever be topped, which my husband still thinks is the greatest reality TV moment. (By the way, my husband who, though he professes to detest reality TV, always seems to be watching alongside me)

This season's Bachelor, Matt Grant, who Chris Harrison just could not remind us enough, is from London. He seems like a good enough guy with a nice, dry sense of humor. I do kinda think he is what my friend James refers to as a "two face" though–some angles good looking, other angles not so much. 

After the always awkward introductions and finding it oddly strange that half the girls were sporting the same angled bob hairdo,  I had to fast forward through the musical performances by Michelle and Ashlee–I just couldn't deal. 

Even though I am good with the "first impression rose" going out to Amanda R., I do think Matt should have given it to the Venice Beach Hot Dog Vendor, Erin S. for rescuing him from the fabulously drunken Stacey (I could tell right outta the gate, she was one to watch), who planted her lace underwear in Matt's non-existent trouser pocket–I agree with you Matt, "not cool." 

At the rose ceremony, I was surprised to see the clarinet worked–go figure. 

Finally, Matt waited until the very last rose to call Erin H., which meant I had to endure my husband rooting for her by calling out her name loudly throughout the entire rose ceremony (he said he felt she was the smartest and presented herself the best). I'm okay with it since he's very tolerant of my current Javier Bardem obsession.

p.s - why is Lorenzo Lamas' daughter a bachelorette????

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tek the Great Dane

I photographed Tek last week and I am still mesmerized by his incredibly beautiful markings. He is also a very sweet and gentle dog – I loved working with him.

Friday, March 14, 2008


This week has flown by! Today I pulled some of my favorite images from my third book, Lightweights