Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Bachelor

The Bachelor is my all time favorite reality show, and I don't apologize for it (although maybe I should). I've blogged about it for the last few seasons. And oh what GREAT seasons they were! Topped of course by Brad Womack's shocker of picking no one in what my husband still refers to as the greatest single moment in Reality Television history. I agree.

So of course, I had been counting down the months, weeks, and then days for the new Season to start, especialy since Jason was to be the next Bachelor. I still can't believe Deanna let him get down on one knee. Poor guy. 

But I gotta say, I wasn't feeling the premiere on Monday night (actually, I watched it last night on the DVR as I was sitting at a Blackjack table in Vegas on Monday night and Vegas trumps TV). I mean let's not get crazy here, I'll still watch the show with baited breath. Jason is very sweet and you can clearly see he has spent every single day since being asked to be the next Bachelor in the gym - But I don't know. Maybe it'll get better; maybe Jason will slap Deanna across the face upon her return; maybe Brad will come back for Deanna; maybe Grant will show up too. But seriously, if these girls don't start showing up, my money is on Deanna (cautiously).

We shall see.