Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bachelor

Last night, "the luckiest guy" (in Bachelor history) goes to Barbados for his overnight dates. The first date was with Shayne, Matt's "litt'l monkey." The Monkey confessed she is falling in love with Matt and while I had been warming up to The Monkey myself, last night felt fake to me (maybe because I could see her hair extensions). However, when they kissed, I did see tongue and not just upper lip, so who knows!

Meepers was up next and Matt "can't wait to see her." Whatever Matt. I can't even wait till the end of my post to be mad at him. Matt? Why Meepers? Anyway, they conquered their fear of heights together, and I was sure The Monkey was history. Again, I was wrong. I wonder if it was because she said "like" 22 times during her heartfelt declaration to Matt. I still can't believe he sent Meepers packing – I can't get a read on this guy.

And now for Chelsea: My friend Nitty has had her picked for the ring for a while now, and he may be right. I was so jealous they were swimming with sea turtles (I love sea turtles). And, I think that the duality of their date was just fancy editing to prevent anyone from predicting too soon that he picks Chelsea (except Nitty of course, he already knows). 

In closing (for the most romantic trip in Bachelor history), three overnights in Chris Harrison's Fantasy Suites; you think Matt was thinking to himself on Fantasy Suite nights 2 and 3, "Wow, this Fantasy Suite totally sucks compared to last night's."

I am excited about next week's "woman tell all". I know Robin will still be pissed off!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bachelor

Things are busy over here, so my post will be VERY abridged (and obviously late). After the hometown visits, Noelle was my pick for the win. Clearly, I could not have been more wrong!!! 

I think Meepers and "Monkey" are my picks for final two. 

Nitty, help me out here....

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I still can not believe we found this dog. I can't believe someone may have abandoned him. Everything he does is hysterical and he has been such a great addition to our little family! Last week I took these shots of him while we were waiting on talent. He is a total natural in front of the camera, and I am SO in danger of becoming a stage mom! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Bachelor

Last night, the final six were off to Sun Valley, Idaho. Shayne is so excited she takes a header down the stairs. Once they arrive, Matt decides to "slam dunk" all the girls into the snow, but Marshana makes a run for it because she "looks fabulous in her outfit and doesn't want to get covered in snow right away!" I love her.

Once they settle into their digs, ding-dong! – The dates box arrives for Chelsea's one-on-one date for a "private winter wonderland" and off they go on their sleigh ride. Matt needs to find out if there is romance and wants some affection from Chelsea. And, despite her hand-holding phobia, she invites herself back to Matt's place to face her fear, and who knows what else behind closed doors.

Next is the group date. Matt loses some points right away with his snow virgin comment. The meeper does well for her first time on the snow, but Marshana, she will be bruised all over in the morning. Next, Shayne, or as Matt calls her, "my little snow monkey" blows him away. I have to admit it, I am starting to go for Shayne. She brought her make-up bag snowboarding and  I wasn't even annoyed at her – and clearly neither was Matt. Robin then interrupts Shayne's time with Matt. I could not have said it better than Shayne did….Are  you kidding me?

Noelle gets the second one-on-one date. Ummm, who is Noelle? Has she been on the show this whole time?  Matt states his objective for this date is to "get to know Noelle." Clearly he hasn't noticed her either. They hit the ice, and surprise, welcome to the show Noelle!

Back at the house, Chelsea and Robin get into it with Marshana in what Chris Harrison keeps referring to as "the most shocking confrontation in Bachelor history." Sorry Chris, it wasn't all you made it out to be. What was in fact shocking, was that before the rose ceremony, Matt's face was not red for the very first time! That was a shocker!

Shayne gets the first rose. No shock there – Matt wants to meet him some Lorenzo Lamas. After Noelle and Chelsea each get their rose, Meeper takes the fourth sending Marshana and Robin home. Of course I was super bummed to see my girl go, but it wasn't a surprise, and I agree Marshana, you are still Fabulous and Amazing! 

And Finally, Bon Soir Robin!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Labs:Lightweights Littermates

In keeping up with posting my favorites shots from all my books (4 down, 5 to go), here are a few favs from the first of the Lightweights series, Labs:Lightweights Littermates.  

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Screen Shots

This is my new favorite thing to do on set - Take pictures of my pictures on the display with my Canon Elph.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Bachelor

Last night's episode started with the "tennis and tea" group date which Matt promised to be "amazing fun."  I have to admit, as a former gymnast,  Shayne scored some serious points with me when she busted out a walking handstand and a round-off back-handspring, back-handspring (if I stretched for an hour after a spin class, I could still do it, I think). Of course Robin was totally jealous (so was I). 

Ashlee doesn't like "sloppy seconds," so she was very excited to get the first bit of one-on-one time with Matt, and, after another horrifying musical performance, they kiss. Blech. Then, amidst a multitude of Anglophile-isms, Robin (Nitty, I am over her again) "steals Matt's attention" after boring the group to tears about her parents' gigantic tea maker (for which "they searched the world"). Finally, Chelsea gets the date rose. That headband was a good look for her (my husband agreed it was a great Bjorn Borg throwback)–I would have given her the rose too.

Go Greased Lighting! Danny and Sandy, oops, I mean Matt and Amanda are off on their American Adventure one-on-one date.  As they sip malts and swing dance, I am not stressed at all for Amanda, there is just no way she isn't getting that rose. They have a good time, they kiss and  chills, oh, they're multiplying.

I can always see the stress and horror on Marshana's face, and this two-on-one date with Holly has her throwing cooking utensils on the floor. I have to admit, since he is sending one of them home straight from the date, I am VERY worried for her. Here's how it goes down (whilst my husband chants, ala Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, "two woman enter, one woman leave"):

Round one: Matt asks both girls how they would feel about moving to the UK. Marshana's answer was much more impressive than Holly's "I could be stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere....as long as I am with you." So, Marshana takes that round one to nothing.

Round two: Matt kisses each of them. Both kisses were pretty weak, but Holly gets a shoulder rub with the kiss, so she takes that round. 

The score is tied, and I am VERY nervous for Marshana. But in a HUGE upset, Marshana takes the rose!!! High fives all around!

Before the rose ceremony, all the girls are stressed, Amanda is meepin' all over the place, and Kelly flashed Matt complete with a rhinestone bra (it left me speechless, so I have no further comment about that). Bye bye Kelly and Ashlee. Are the musical performances finally over now?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Bachelor

Let the one-on-one dates begin!

After she almost gets pummeled by her suitcase, Holly embarks on the first one-on-one date–which is a plug for Patrick Dempsey's new movie, Made of Honor. Holly cries at the end of the movie and they proceed to the top of the Roosevelt Hotel where Holly "can only focus on the rose," because if Matt doesn't give it to her, she's goin' home. Stress! Luckily though, she pulled it out with that awkward kiss, and she gets the rose. Phew, now Holly can breath.

Now for the group date–Rugby with a rose: 

- Robin makes an impression on Matt on the field (Nitty, I guess Matt agrees with you, I, as you know, do not). 
- Chelsea hip-checks Ashlee to the ground. It was beautiful–I watched it about five times. 
- Oh no! Marshana goes down. And, there is blood. I agree girl, you do look "fab, busted lip and all."

After the Rugby game, Matt takes the girls back to his place because, as usual he needs to get some alcohol in them to help decide who gets the date rose. C'mon people, he can't judge just from the Rugby game alone! Marshana is blown away by the thoughtfulness Matt displays by having a pair of masseurs at the party. Marshana, I love you girl, but that was the producers' idea, not Matt's. After Kelly's lap dance, oops, I mean massage, Robin tells Matt she "will do whatever it takes, but not do stupid things" to win his heart(okay Nitty, she didn't gamble in Vegas, but I may be warming up to her). 

Okay, now for Shayne's one-on-one. C'mon Shayne, like you are "not going to accept the rose." Please. Matt breaks the who is your dad code, asks her if she is high maintenance, and gets her to admit the five necessities in life are "cars, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, and watches." Hmmm. We do need transportation, protection for our feet, a way to transport our belongings, protection for our eyes from the sun, and a way to tell time. Right? The spray tan worked–Shayne gets a kiss and a rose (I'm not that surprised. I know Matt wants to experience "The Ultimate L.A. Sex Kitten" before he settles down). 

Sidebar–Amanda's hiccups RULE. Especially as a soundtrack to Robin's heartfelt speech.

Before the rose ceremony, the girls lash out on Robin for taking Matt's time when she already has a rose. I agree Marshana, "bust her up."

Like every rose ceremony, Marshana is totally stressed out . But, phew, she gets the last rose (even though I think she gets cut next week).