Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bachelor

Last night, "the luckiest guy" (in Bachelor history) goes to Barbados for his overnight dates. The first date was with Shayne, Matt's "litt'l monkey." The Monkey confessed she is falling in love with Matt and while I had been warming up to The Monkey myself, last night felt fake to me (maybe because I could see her hair extensions). However, when they kissed, I did see tongue and not just upper lip, so who knows!

Meepers was up next and Matt "can't wait to see her." Whatever Matt. I can't even wait till the end of my post to be mad at him. Matt? Why Meepers? Anyway, they conquered their fear of heights together, and I was sure The Monkey was history. Again, I was wrong. I wonder if it was because she said "like" 22 times during her heartfelt declaration to Matt. I still can't believe he sent Meepers packing – I can't get a read on this guy.

And now for Chelsea: My friend Nitty has had her picked for the ring for a while now, and he may be right. I was so jealous they were swimming with sea turtles (I love sea turtles). And, I think that the duality of their date was just fancy editing to prevent anyone from predicting too soon that he picks Chelsea (except Nitty of course, he already knows). 

In closing (for the most romantic trip in Bachelor history), three overnights in Chris Harrison's Fantasy Suites; you think Matt was thinking to himself on Fantasy Suite nights 2 and 3, "Wow, this Fantasy Suite totally sucks compared to last night's."

I am excited about next week's "woman tell all". I know Robin will still be pissed off!