Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Bachelor

Let the one-on-one dates begin!

After she almost gets pummeled by her suitcase, Holly embarks on the first one-on-one date–which is a plug for Patrick Dempsey's new movie, Made of Honor. Holly cries at the end of the movie and they proceed to the top of the Roosevelt Hotel where Holly "can only focus on the rose," because if Matt doesn't give it to her, she's goin' home. Stress! Luckily though, she pulled it out with that awkward kiss, and she gets the rose. Phew, now Holly can breath.

Now for the group date–Rugby with a rose: 

- Robin makes an impression on Matt on the field (Nitty, I guess Matt agrees with you, I, as you know, do not). 
- Chelsea hip-checks Ashlee to the ground. It was beautiful–I watched it about five times. 
- Oh no! Marshana goes down. And, there is blood. I agree girl, you do look "fab, busted lip and all."

After the Rugby game, Matt takes the girls back to his place because, as usual he needs to get some alcohol in them to help decide who gets the date rose. C'mon people, he can't judge just from the Rugby game alone! Marshana is blown away by the thoughtfulness Matt displays by having a pair of masseurs at the party. Marshana, I love you girl, but that was the producers' idea, not Matt's. After Kelly's lap dance, oops, I mean massage, Robin tells Matt she "will do whatever it takes, but not do stupid things" to win his heart(okay Nitty, she didn't gamble in Vegas, but I may be warming up to her). 

Okay, now for Shayne's one-on-one. C'mon Shayne, like you are "not going to accept the rose." Please. Matt breaks the who is your dad code, asks her if she is high maintenance, and gets her to admit the five necessities in life are "cars, shoes, handbags, sunglasses, and watches." Hmmm. We do need transportation, protection for our feet, a way to transport our belongings, protection for our eyes from the sun, and a way to tell time. Right? The spray tan worked–Shayne gets a kiss and a rose (I'm not that surprised. I know Matt wants to experience "The Ultimate L.A. Sex Kitten" before he settles down). 

Sidebar–Amanda's hiccups RULE. Especially as a soundtrack to Robin's heartfelt speech.

Before the rose ceremony, the girls lash out on Robin for taking Matt's time when she already has a rose. I agree Marshana, "bust her up."

Like every rose ceremony, Marshana is totally stressed out . But, phew, she gets the last rose (even though I think she gets cut next week).