Monday, April 7, 2008

The Bachelor

Last night's episode started with the "tennis and tea" group date which Matt promised to be "amazing fun."  I have to admit, as a former gymnast,  Shayne scored some serious points with me when she busted out a walking handstand and a round-off back-handspring, back-handspring (if I stretched for an hour after a spin class, I could still do it, I think). Of course Robin was totally jealous (so was I). 

Ashlee doesn't like "sloppy seconds," so she was very excited to get the first bit of one-on-one time with Matt, and, after another horrifying musical performance, they kiss. Blech. Then, amidst a multitude of Anglophile-isms, Robin (Nitty, I am over her again) "steals Matt's attention" after boring the group to tears about her parents' gigantic tea maker (for which "they searched the world"). Finally, Chelsea gets the date rose. That headband was a good look for her (my husband agreed it was a great Bjorn Borg throwback)–I would have given her the rose too.

Go Greased Lighting! Danny and Sandy, oops, I mean Matt and Amanda are off on their American Adventure one-on-one date.  As they sip malts and swing dance, I am not stressed at all for Amanda, there is just no way she isn't getting that rose. They have a good time, they kiss and  chills, oh, they're multiplying.

I can always see the stress and horror on Marshana's face, and this two-on-one date with Holly has her throwing cooking utensils on the floor. I have to admit, since he is sending one of them home straight from the date, I am VERY worried for her. Here's how it goes down (whilst my husband chants, ala Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, "two woman enter, one woman leave"):

Round one: Matt asks both girls how they would feel about moving to the UK. Marshana's answer was much more impressive than Holly's "I could be stranded on an island in the middle of long as I am with you." So, Marshana takes that round one to nothing.

Round two: Matt kisses each of them. Both kisses were pretty weak, but Holly gets a shoulder rub with the kiss, so she takes that round. 

The score is tied, and I am VERY nervous for Marshana. But in a HUGE upset, Marshana takes the rose!!! High fives all around!

Before the rose ceremony, all the girls are stressed, Amanda is meepin' all over the place, and Kelly flashed Matt complete with a rhinestone bra (it left me speechless, so I have no further comment about that). Bye bye Kelly and Ashlee. Are the musical performances finally over now?