Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Least I Could Do

When I was eleven, I met Elizabeth at a pool party where we bonded over being the only two attendees who didn't want to swim–except, well, I got thrown into the pool by the birthday girl's older brother and then decided it wasn't so bad. I'm not sure Elizabeth has ever forgiven me for swimming after we made a pact not to, but we did remain friends after that. Actually we remained the best of friends. Elizabeth and I grew up together; we shared everything one would expect two best friends to share; we went to jr. high and high school together; we had each other to lament about the first time we had to wear a bra; we got in trouble together (yes, there was the time that involved the cops); we had each other's support during the hard times; and we had each other to celebrate the good times. We both eventually began the course of our adult lives. I went on to work towards a career in photography and she went on to get her master's degree (this is when I should mention that Elizabeth is an astoundingly impressive person, and to say that I am proud of her accomplishments in life and her beauty inside and out would be an understatement). As we have grown into adults (which is hilarious to say because when we're together, we still act like a couple of kids), we have stayed the best of friends.

And now, 25 years later, my best friend is having a baby girl! Since she loves baby animals and I'm on the planning committee for her upcoming baby shower, this invitation is the least I could do for my Bessie: