Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dog Toys

It goes without saying that dog lovers have large collections of dog toys for their dog companions. Well, we're no different and as such, have a truly impressive collection of dog toys that have been loved on, slobbered on, eviscerated, and sometimes maimed.

Simon has mostly moved on from toys and, as the most seniodog (both in age and status), rarely even goes to a tennis ball anymore preferring to get his kicks on daily walks. The smaller and younger dogs however, when not loving on one-another, slobbering on one-another, and even sometimes administering or suffering a war wound, do love their toys. Avery is a good sport and has opened her toy chest to Squeak–in fact, with the exception of a few mini-tennis balls, all of the toys are hand-me-downs for Squeak.

Here, in no particular order or province, is a selection of favorite toys:

A. Garth, plush stuffed animal (not a dog toy and included no internal squeaking device). Garth has become a favorite "snuggle toy" for Avery. Rather than chewing him, Avery instead prefers to sleep on top of him.

B. Brownie the Pelican, dog toy formally possessing a kind-of honking internal squeaker. Brownie suffered a mortal stuffing-depleting wound, and is subsequently a floppy version of her former self. *In an effort to replace Brownie, a smaller version, Brownie-lita was acquired, but has seen less "love" and remains intact. Squeak enjoys carrying Brownie by the neck and holding her in his mouth while sunning himself.

C. Pudge, a previous favorite of Avery, was a gift from "grandma." We were amazed Pudge never suffered a debilitating "voice box" blow. Pudge has now assumed the position of Squeak's favorite, and can often be seen being held as a pacifier in Squeak's small mouth. Pudge has recently experienced a tail amputation as pictured.

D. Huffalump II, a replacement for the original, has been somewhat neglected as of late, but is included here because Huffalump I was a bar-none favorite of Avery's for a time until he lost his string, spine, and stuffing.

E. Sock Monkey is a left-over from a job and has been variously "loved" by Avery, Rosie-Lee (my assistant Charles' red-nosed Pitt Bull), and Squeak, who often carries him into his crate at night. Though reports are hazy at best, it seems as though Sock Monkey left his left arm with Rosie-Lee.