Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bachelor

Still no Deanna in what I am calling The most boring Bachelor season in Bachelor history. It's very clear why we must wait so long for her appearance.... To keep us watching. I do however have to give it up to The Temple Priestess and her mother The Adult Indigo for making this episode more tolerable. Thank you!

The highlight for me was when my co-watcher James (who is a Bachelor newbie) turned to me and asked in all seriousness; " In all the Bachelor seasons, do people just sit around and talk about nothing even though they are under the impression there are talking about something?" I replied by explaining this is how all girls get to know their "potential future husbands".  

I know Jason kept Kappa Kappa Molly, but I do believe Melissa has this in the bag. Nitty, you wanna bet a burger on it?