Monday, January 25, 2010


Last week my husband came home from visiting our cousin's with an iPhone photo of the puppy their neighbors had just rescued. His name is Mister. He's an adorable ten week old pit mix, and he's pure white – except for a handful of black spots on his nose. I HAD to take his photo. Of course, Mister's cuteness alone was all I needed to see to get me over there with my camera, but he also presents a challenge I felt I had to take on – he's deaf, which made him even more precious to me. Since puppies don't yet have sit and stay commands mastered, I rely heavily on noise when I photograph them - squeaky toys, krinkling water bottles, and my voice. None of those things would work on Mister. Oh, and he had just come from puppy kindergarten, so he was all treated out - no food motivating either. Basically I had nothing. None of my trusted aides would help with Mister, well, except for one - my husband. With his help and A TON of patience, here's what I got of this special little guy who doesn't let his inabilty to hear hold him back:

Thanks Ryan and Aria!